First Thoughts

I have long been wanting to create a space other than social media where I can share thoughts on design and craft. Being locked in during the pandemic gave me the final push to finally do it.

As a person with synesthesia, I decided to name this space inspired by something that has always inspired me – colour.

"Light is Colour" title is inspired by the famous quote from the English painter J.M.W Turner:

"Light is therefore colour, and shadow the privation of it."

The first time I learned colours were not inherent physical properties "in" objects I was blown away. The idea that all we perceive as colours are light reflections at different wavelengths is to this date one of the most fascinating topics to me. (Anyone remember the blue vs gold dress that broke down internet?)

I remember how jealous I got when I learned there are people in this world who can see more colours than others due to possessing extra cone cells in their eyes. This condition is known as "Tetrachromacy". I thought what a fascinating view they must have every day. But later I thought if such a small percentage of people have this condition, then it must also feel a bit lonely not being able to communicate and translate what they see to other people exactly.

There is not a colour in this world (and in my ability to perceive) that I dislike. To me it's always been about how different colours can work together. Just like music notes in a song.

I'm excited to share inspirations, research and work process in this space as a designer and life learner. Visual matters and sight will inevitably be a heavy part of my focus. However, I'm interested in addressing other often neglected senses like touch, taste, smell etc.

Photo: Lucky Charms and Elements fabric collections I designed for FIGO.

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